Is Facebook No Longer Viable for Small Business?

Facebook has always been a great way to get your message to a highly targeted base. Many companies have spent a great deal of time, effort and money getting people to “Like” their Facebook business page. This in turn provided a great way for your business to get your message to highly targeted and engaged audiences.

However in 2012 Facebook started suppressing your posts so only a fraction of your Facebook page fans would actually see your posts. Our two pages for FireStorm and StickerHog have each approximately 8,400 likes. We have worked very hard to achieve these this level of engagement from highly targeted audiences. However at the beginning of 2014 we noticed that our posts were being seen by far fewer people. How few – only about 1-2 percent of our fans now see our posts.

On November 5, 2013 we posted a Like and Share contest. For that post we had:

On May 21, 2014 we posted a Like and Share contest. For that post we had:
1 Share

The difference is dramatic. Facebook does admit that they are limiting visibility of your business page posts to 1% of your Facebook fans. They are now offering for a fee the ability to boost your post to the fan base you most likely worked very hard to attain. The results from boosted posts are not promising as we have tried it.  You may even see evidence of this on your own personal Facebook news feed. Wonder why you never see posts from a page you liked? Easy just visit the page itself and you will see all the posts from that business page that no longer make it to your news feed.

We are in the processing of removing the “Like Us” on Facebook links from our own web sites and focusing our efforts on new Social Media channels including Pinterest, Wanelo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. We have had a good deal of success through Pinterest and Wanelo. We will leave Facebook “share” links in place on product pages as they may still have some value. It greatly depends on how much your posts on your personal page are suppressed. We are also encouraging site visitors to join our email lists. We do not recommend abandoning Facebook as there is some organic propagation benefits to making posts on Facebook, but do recommend minimizing your efforts to promote your business through FaceBook. Sending a person to Facebook to “Like Your Page” is like throwing away the lead.