Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Our Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO) put your web site on the “A” list.

Sure, you can pay to put your website on the top of search engine lists through “pay per click” advertising. And we can help you do that. But where Lachance Design really shines is ensuring that your site is on the first page of every important search, without having to buy a Google ad, Yahoo ad or any other “pay per click” ad.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services make your website stand out and get noticed through a strategic method of analysis and implementation. Unlike some companies, we don’t just look at keywords and meta tags. We also drill down and look at the underlying structure of your site, examining everything from site directories structures, code optimization, server speed and more.


Will they stay or will they go?

Lachance will not only work to deliver more visitors to your site, we’ll help to make sure that they stay a while. Our proven visitor retention techniques include analyzing bounce rates, improving information accessibility, optimizing your GUI (graphical user interface), creating more effective contact forms, and much more.

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